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- Plus These Stories:

Text neck’ is becoming an ‘epidemic’ and could wreck your spine (Surgical Technology International, 11/14)

Common Antimicrobial Triclosan Can Cause Liver Cancer (Proceedings of the National Academy of sciences, 11/17)

Foods with trans fat linked to memory loss (American Heart Association, 111/18/14)

Chemicals in sunscreen could cause infertility (American Journal of Epidemiology, 11/14)

FDA approves new, hard-to-abuse hydrocodone pill: Hysingla ER (FDA, 11/20/14)

Restroom Hand Dryers May Spread More Germs (Journal of Hospital Infection, 11/20/14)

This drink will substantially reduce your cancer risk: tea (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 11/14.)

How much does it cost to develop a new drug? (Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development, 11/21/14)

Poor sleep tied to inflammation in teens (October 28, 2014.)

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